"I began my series of the Northern California in 2013.  I arrived in San Francisco and explored Point Reyes, Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur and then back to Muir Woods & Tamalpais.  The last day during my first visit was the finale- Tamalpais could be anywhere in the world, yet still uniquely it's own place.  Tamalpais brought peace, mystery and beauty into my soul.  I was hooked.  

After my Cobalt Turquoise experience during my first trip, I continued North past Tamalpais and Sausalito to the Sonoma Coast State Park.  Every time I got out of my car to paint, I exclaimed out loud as to how beautiful and unique each scene brought forth.  I am in awe of this area of the world and grateful for its preservation as a State and National Parks.  I plan to return as often as possible to capture the magnificent beauty this land holds."

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